About Aldus Group

Businesses around the world are facing extraordinary challenges magnified by the constantly evolving financial markets’ complexity and increasing scrutiny by investors and regulators. Many are re-thinking their operating models, re-engineering their risk management approaches and re-examining their governance and its oversight. Whether you are facing credit risk, market risk, operational risk, liquidity risk, quantitative analysis, IT risk, portfolio restructuring or regulatory compliance challenges, our team of leading experts partner with you to devise and implement practical solutions with measurable results.

Aldus Group is a business and compliance consulting firm composed of experts specializing in governance, risk management, financial technology and compliance services. It is a partnership between Arta Advisors and Business Technology Associates drawing on resources and expertise of both firms. Through our strategic alliances around the globe, we can deliver unique and innovative solutions designed to promote efficiency, increase profitability and drive strong performance. Our experts have global insight on par with some of the largest consulting firms; however, we are more nimble and adept than these competitors in delivering value for our clients.

Our principle consultants are domain experts with more than 140 years of combined practical experience in the financial industry, globally.  We provide our clients, proven methodologies and robust solutions addressing their dynamic risk management needs.  Our teams work hand-in-hand with our clients at every level of design, integration and implementation and ensure our services’ high quality through ongoing support and monitoring.